Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1...And the pendulum swings...

I need another blog and another page to manage on Facebook like I need a hole in the head, but as always...I never start something just because.  There is always a reason or emotion behind it, so here I go with my next blog only this is a little different for me.  To say that I'm amazed and overwhelmed by the way people have embraced my "STRONG LOLA 30 DAY CHALLENGE", is an understatement.  I hoped to have maybe a hundred people willing to indulge my desire to do something good.  To see the number of people rise to over 600 is shocking and heart warming at the same time!

I want to start first by explaining what exactly this means to me and to anyone that joins me and/or reads this.  I'm a control freak and a perfectionist.  I've been through many things in my life that would surprise people, but I've worked hard to overcome them and have a good life.  And I have...had a great life for a long time.  There was a time when it seemed that I had it all...literally.  A handsome, successful husband that provides well and spoiled me...3 amazing, beautiful, smart, healthy, great kids...a nice home...a Mercedes (that I can't seem to stop crashing into things)...a job I love and a great body that was the product of my very own weight loss success story etc etc etc.  I STILL have much to be thankful and I STILL have a great life, but in the past year...many things have gone wrong and things I took for granted have felt like they are slipping through my fingers.  I have felt very sad at times and it has taken a toll.

I didn't like feeling out of control and I wasn't liking what I saw in the mirror when I got out of the shower as much as I use to.  I talked about change and tried to take shortcuts.  But eventually, I knew I needed something more in depth...something more drastic to regain control and start to feel better.  I decided to do a "30 Day Paleo Challenge".  I have never been one for eating super healthy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar.  I knew that if I was going to be successful I needed to be accountable.  I mentioned doing this with the people I train at the gym on Facebook and a lady commented about how she wished she had someone to do this with as well.  The light bulb came on and the idea for the "STRONG LOLA 30 DAY CHALLENGE" was born.  My greatest desire has always been to do something with my life that can help other people and I knew this could change a lot of lives.

I won't lie.  There were times over the past week that I feared these 30 days.  I wondered how a girl that eats out every day and hates to cook and has an extremely busy life and is super picky with the palate of a toddler raised on fried comfort foods would be able to adapt to this lifestyle but I was determined to try do it!  And so today was Day 1 and I'm happy to say that it went MUCH better than expected!  Not every day will be like today, but I know this is worth it and I feel really proud of myself.  I know that every person that does this challenge with me will get different things out of it and is doing it for different reasons.  Because of this, I feel like everyone needs to choose your own way...the "road" that is best for you individually and that fits best into your life.  That is why the challenge doesn't say "Paleo Challenge".  It just says "Challenge".  For me personally, it's a Paleo challenge but for someone else it may be a challenge to workout every day.  I am following the Whole 30 Plan but I think the 21 Day Detox Plan is great as are many other plans.  CHOOSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND STICK WITH IT.

Everyday, I plan to come here and post my menu and workout and write about my feelings or any issues I may be having.  I do this as a form of help and as a way to stay accountable and motivated.  Today started very rough with my weighing and measuring myself and my "BEFORE" picture was less than flattering.  I felt pretty low but I made a decision that I would not beat myself up or feel negative and defeated all day.  I decided to look forward not be excited for the future and the changes coming my way and get rid of the negativity that I normally would've clung to.  That attitude made all the difference and so I look forward to tomorrow...not with fear, but with excitement!


2 Eggs over medium
4 slices of bacon
Strawberries, rasberries, and blackberries  


Grilled Chicken breast
Grilled veggies (zucchini, squash, broccoli, mushrooms, and peppers)
Salad with no dressing...just lemon juice squeezed on top

Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein
(And my kids used to eating out and eating fast food liked it!!!)


WARMUP:         1000M Row
                            Dynamic Stretching
                            Shoulder Mobility

WORKOUT:       Power Clean and Jerk
                              3-3-3-3-3   (75 lbs)
                           As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:
                           5 Press (65lb)
                           7 Front Squat  (65lb)
                           15 Mountain Climbers


  1. Hey I really like your challenge. I am joining it too and I will have a diary. I need to take my picture tonight and let's do it! Good luck and keep us updated xxx Justina

  2. That's awesome! Good luck and feel free to post any questions in the comments. If I don't know the answer...I'll find it for you!

  3. Thanks for sharing so much with us Marsha. We really appreciate! I'm new to Crossfit - still trying to find a class locally to me here in the UK. Workout looks awesome and has me itching to get back to the gym tomorrow - very inspirational - thank you!!

  4. Hey there! I will also be following this challenge. I'm starting a few days late but will do my best to stay on track. I've tried many times to eat right and exercise regularly (I'm a runner) but the eating right part is always the hardest! Thanks for sharing all of this!

  5. Exciting Shelly! Crossfit is AMAZING!!! Keep working hard!

    Alli...I hear ya! Diet is the toughest but most important part! Good luck!