Thursday, January 12, 2012

...itchy scratchy...

I'm SEXY...make that ITCHY and I know it!  So the latest saga is that I have a rash from my neck to my ankles.  Every inch of me itches.  It's yet another sign that my crap diet was filling me with poison that my body is trying to get rid of.  Wow.  Am I a mess or what?!?!?!?

Well, either way...I'm in this for 30 days and I am not giving up.  When I put my mind to something, I'm like a train...practically unstoppable, so I'll keep movin and scratching.  LOL!  There's not much to report that anyone really wants to hear.  I mean c'mon am I like 80 or what?  The list of aches and pains and being tired and feeling bad and having a rash is SO NOT what anyone wants to read so I'm gonna throw a random suggestion/thought out there instead.

Think about doing something new that is enjoyable.  All this healthy eating stuff is totally new to me but I want to try and find a positive focus that will help me and that I will enjoy so I'm thinking I need a cooking class.  Whether I learn from friends or attend a formal class, I don't know but I think it would be fun and it sure would make my meals more exciting and make this a little less hard.  That's my "new" something!  What's yours gonna be?

We are nearing the halfway point of our 30 days!  Don't slack or give up or get lazy!  Keep the fire and passion alive!  I wish I had more to say but I need to scratch myself go to bed now!  Hang tough guys! 


  1. I am just so impressed with you for hanging with this goal of yOurs. By looking at you one wouldn't have realized how poorly you were eating. As a long distance runner I've still been using gels for runs of 4 plus hours but Feb 1 I'm going to go full Whole 30 and used pureed veggies and fruit. You inspire me!

    1. Thanks Julie!!! I'm hangin in there and I have to say that today is the first day that I woke up feeling kinda energetic...still itchy...but energetic so I'm happy about that! The WHole 30 and Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are amazing! Melissa is great about answering all questions on their FB page so she can be a great resource to to when you begin!

  2. Since I am new to this - not doing the challenge but trying to read and learn - how long did your rash last? Are you over it now?

    Thank you for this blog, SINS and all of the other pages you so generously share you time on....I follow quietly along trying to get myself into the same place as everyone else going healthy.