Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do or do's up to YOU

You either WILL or you WON'T.  You DO or you DON'T.  There is no try or maybe tomorrow.  It's RIGHT NOW.

It's tough to completely change the way you, but guess what...YOU get to CHOOSE whether or not you will change.  No one will make you and I can't speak for everyone else, but I won't dislike anyone that chooses another way.  I did for years, and that's why this is so hard now.

I've been sick and suffered but I will NOT quit or cheat.  It's 30 DAYS...30 FREAKIN days!  If I can't do something for 30 days...I fear what will happen if God forbid I ever face a real hardship like cancer or losing a child.  I'm doing this to prove to myself that I CAN keep going when the going gets tough.  The amazing, crazy part is that when it's over, I will not have just ENDURED.  If I am true to the process I will have changed and become better...not perfect...BETTER.

I compare it to having a baby.  You go through 9 months of pregnancy and then hell on Earth to deliver a child.  It's hard work and it hurts, but in the end...when they hand you that precious all becomes worthwhile and the discomfort becomes a fading memory.  Please.  If you read this and you are doing the 30 Day Challenge with me, PLEASE HANG ON!  Don't cheat yourself out of that beautiful end result.  Make good choices and be strong.  In the end, you won't regret it.  If you screwed up, START OVER with new determination and forget about yesterday.  Worry about today.  Take it one temptation at a time.  Believe that you CAN and decide that you WILL. 

I was still very sick today, but I'm feeling a little better tonight.  I was not able to workout and I slept through lunch (VERY unusual for me).  I had no appetite, but made myself eat twice.  Here are the two meals I had:

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